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About the Company

Ellard Instrumentation Ltd. was founded in 1981, we specialize in hand crafted stadiometers and acrylic products for use in radiation shielding, electrophoresis, and biomedical research. We work with many of the fast growing Pacific Northwest biotech research organizations and research facilities throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.


In 1982, we collaborated with a local research doctor, Mary O'Leary, to develop and manufacture a device that would measure and monitor the growth of children. This has become the standard for many hospital and clinics throughout the United States. The O'Leary LengthBoardTM is currently being used in major research studies with Ross Laboratories, Abbott Laboratories, Wyeth-Ayerst Research and the National Institute of Health to monitor growth and nutrition of children. Over the past two years, we have shipped these LengthBoards to Taiwan, France, England, Belgium, Germany, India, Pakastan, Guatemsala and the DRC/Congo.


We collaborated with Howard Coleman of GeneLex Corporation, in 1991, to develop and manufacture an electrophoresis Passive Buffer Recirculation gel box for use in processing and separation of DNA. These units are being used by many Federal and State crime labs throughout the United States.


In 1993, we were commissioned to build a protein chamber to be used on the Russian Space Station, Mir, for studying the growth of protein crystals in a zero-gravity environment.


We began expanding Ellard Instrumentation Ltd in 1994 by upgrading to a computerized data system. This increased our customer service department, and established online communications. We continue to expand into Global markets. Our most recent sales efforts have included Denmark, Finland, England, France, Mexico and Venezuela.

Design and development of new products for several departments includes: Electrophoresis - Microtiter systems; Radiation Shielding - Leaded acrylic shields, boxes and lead covered radiation containers.


As well as development of a specialized line of acrylic Animal Research Products, to assist the lab technicians, in the containment of research animals.


Custom Acrylic Products

Over the past several months, we contributed in manufacturing prototypes for several Northwest Biotech research facilities.We manufactured prototypes of electrophoresis mapping tanks for the Gnome Laboratory , Molecular Cell Biology Graduate program at University Washington and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research, Seattle WA. We have also manufactured and assisted in designing robotic attachments, and specialized prototypes for research in molecular genetics at Darwin Molecular Corporation in Bothell,WA.


Biseps Inc, commissioned us to assist in the development and design of side-pack columns for use in chromatography. We constructed prototypes of the 0.1 liter column, the 1 liter column , the the six-loader and the 14" internal diameter column in customer specified lengths, under the supervision of Andrew Alaska, the founder and CEO of Biseps Inc, Issaquah,WA.


Ellard Instrumentation Ltd. creates hand-crafted products by employees dedicated to maintaining a high quality of customer service and to meeting specific needs of our clients.


Please fax us your specifications for a price quote.


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