Horizontal Microtiter Systems


102 Samples Simultaneously (One 96-well plate). Three 8cm runs using three 34-Tooth Microtiter spaced combs.  
204 Samples Simultaneously (Two 96-well plates). Six 4cm runs using six microtiter spaced 34-Tooth Microtiter spaced combs.  Combs are 4.5mm Microtiter spacing, for use with 8-channel multi-pipetter, two marker lanes per comb. 
51 Samples Simultaneously (Half 96-well plate). Three 8cm runs using three 17-Tooth Microtiter spaced combs.  
102 Samples Simultaneously (One 96-well plates). Six 4cm runs using six 17-Tooth Microtiter spaced combs.  
Combs are 9mm microtiter spacing, for use with 8-channel multi-pipetter, one marker lane per comb.  

Introductory Kit Includes: 
• H1630 gel box 
• Cover 
• Leads
• Gel Tray -6 comb positions 
• Three Comb Holders 
• Three combs
 Choice of microtiter spaced combs 34 -Tooth or 17-Tooth Thickness (1, 1.5 mm)
• Rubber Feet  
Additional Options and Accessories for this unit are sold separately.


200 Samples Simultaneously (Two 96-Well Plates) Four 5cm runs using four 50-Tooth Microtiter spaced combs (4.5mm spacing, for use with 8-channel or 12-channel multi-pipetter, two marker lanes per comb.)

Introductory Kit Includes: 
• Cover 
• Leads
• 1-Gel tray 4 comb positions

• Rubber Feet 
• 4 comb holders
• Four combs
Choice of microtiter spaced combs - 50-Teeth or 25-Teeth Thickness (1, 1.5mm)   

Standard and Wide Mini Gel Horizontal Electrophoresis

Standard Horizontal units provide a high
resolution separation of nucleic acids in
Agarose gel electrophoresis


Horizontal Wide Mini gels are designed
for separating mass samples of nucleic acids in
short runs of agarose gels.

• Built of durable 1/4 inch cast acrylic.
• Protected platinum electrode with
vertical portion insulated to insure
uniform electric field.
• Microtiter combs available for use
with multi-channel pipetters.  

Up to 43 samples (H-2010) - short runs
(10 cm run or two 5 cm runs) maintains
same width as full size units.
• Economizes buffer by average of 40%
over the standard boxes.
• Uses all H-13; H-16; or H-20 Combs, and
Comb Holders
Accessories and Options sold separately.

Each unit includes regular cover,
leads, and rubber feet.
* Options, Accessories, and combs
sold separately.

Horizontal Unit Accessories

Gel Tray Casting Apparatus


Tape-free gel casting.  Cast gels directly on gel tray.

Three-point leveling system insures level gels. Bubble level included. Raised tray provides top and bottom air ventilation allowing for quicker gel solidification

Gel Trays


Bottom made of 1/4" Super Ultra Violet transmitting acrylic
for viewing and photography of gels while using a UV light

Comb Holder 


Gel tray comb holders fit into pre-slotted gel tray.   Thumb screws and slotted combs provide adjustable comb height



Made of 18 gauge wire with the finest quality rubber insulation Leads can be fitted with piggy back plugs for an additional cost  Piggy back plugs allow multiple connections from the same power source

Horizontal Combs

Vinyl Combs precisely machined of rigid vinyl.  Variety of number of teeth, thickness's and styles.

Color-Coded: Vinyl combs are color-coded for different thickness's. Please specify thickness when ordering

Height Adjustable: All combs are slotted for height adjustment for use with our comb holders.

Prep combs come in two styles.  Microtiter combs are used with 8- or 12- multichannel pipetters: 9mm spacing loads every well; 4.5mm spacing loads every second well.


Horizontal Mini-Gel Units

 Accommodates large buffer volumes in proportion to gel size.  Permits short rapid runs without need for recirculating buffer.
 Cast gels directly on platform, or use UVT plastic plates.  HMG 34 accommodates two combs for simultaneous double runs.
Optional combs can be substituted for the difference in cost. Please specifyThickness when ordering.

  • Each unit comes with gels casting platform, one comb, regular cover, leads and rubber feet



Mini-Gel Casting Platforms

These gel platforms are made of Ultra-violet transmitting acrylic and allow for additionalgels to cast outside box.
•  Easily inserted into unit.  Delrin ® gates can be raised to pour deep gels, and lowered to run gels.  Place on Ultra-violet light for examination and photography without removing gel.

Mini-Gel Accessories 

Mini-Gel Combs

Made of 1/4 inch Delrin® and milled to size.  Prep combs available in two styles. 

* Prep #1 has one tooth with end marker lanes
Prep #2 has two teeth with one middle and end marker lanes
Microtiter combs are used with 8-multichannel pipetters. (4.5mm spacing loads
every second well) 

 Volume of Well: Tooth Width x Comb Thickness x 1mm = Comb Well Volume in
microliters per 1mm of insertion.

Multiple Gel Casting Platform


Cast agarose gels simultaneously, on 2" x 3" glass slides. Easy removal of slide through bottom finger hole. Combs and versitile comb holders can be used to cast 2" wide or 3" wide gels. Gels can be run in any horizontal electrophoresis system


* Unit includes: Six 2" x 3" slides; three comb holders, and six
medium clips.


HMG 23-6 GCP -- 449.00

HMG 23-6 Combs

Please specifiy thickness when ordering  (2" Length)

Horizontal Semi-Dry Electro-Blotter

HEB 2020


The HEB 2020 accepts gels up to 20 cm x 20 cm. Completely enclosed lid and drip retaining base. For safety power leads must be disconnected to open unit. Color coded lid, base and leads prevents reversal of polarity. Solid construction of 3/16 inch red and 1/4 inch black acrylic, 3/8 inch laminated base with 1/4 inch thick graphite plates.  $1049.00

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