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Beta Radiation Containers




RC LSA with Hinge Cover

Model# Description Price
RCLSA 1/2" clear cast acrylic floor waste containers, with lift-off pivoting cover, and 3/4" overhang handle. 16"x 16"x 21" tall inside dimensions. Holds your LSA box or standard size 14" x 14" x 20 " cardboard box, wih 32 gal., disposable plastic bag. Can be fitted with lock. $440.00


Options for RC LSA

These options can be added to the RC LSA



Model# Description Price
HC Hinge cover-16" Acryalite piano hinge with 3/4"
overhang handle with saftey stops. Stops hold
cover at vertical to act as shield.
Castors Castors-Set of four 1 3/4" wheel diameter, hard
rubber, all swivel castors. 
 Handle  Front Handle-allows for easy access of units with
castors, when stored under bench.
Box Cardboard Box (Used with 32 gal. plastic bag)
allows for easy disposal of waste. Plain white, 14"
x 14" x 20" tall 



Floor Waste Box


Floor waste box with foot controlled cover allows for
hands-free disposal of waste. Constructed of 1/2" clear
cast acrylic, 12" x 12" x 24" tall, outside dimensions.
Designed to fit tall kitchen plastic bag.


Model #: RCR 1224  -- $676.00



Pipet Tip Waste Container

1/2" clear cast acrylic 6"x 6"x 4" tall inside
dimenstions, bench top container to hold
contaminated pipet tips. 1/2" acrylic
removable cover has either 1" diameter hole
and flip cover for easy disposal of single tips;
or 12cm long x 2.5cm wide slot and flip top
for easy disposal of pipet tips, when using
multi-channel pipetters.

Model # Description Price
RCB-PTH Hole $119.00
RCB-PTS Slot $122.00



Solid Waste Bench Top Containers


1/2 clear cast acrylic Bench Top Waste
Containers with covers.

Model # Description Price
RCB 8-12 8" x 8" x 12" OD $175.00
RCB 5-8 5" x 5" x 8" OD $141.00



Liquid Waste Bench Top Containers

Hinged cover. 8" x 8" x 16" OD. Designed to hold liquid
waste in a 1-gallon milk bottle and standard 1-pint funnel.
2" diameter hole with flip cover, for small amounts of
liquid waste. Hinge cover, with stops, holds cover at
vertical to act as shield, while pouring larger amounts of
liquid waste, directly into funnel.

Model #: RCLW 8-16 HC -- $261.00



Freezer Cabinets

Organize and securely stack 80-place polypropylene fraction
collector racks in your freezer! 8-5/8" x 2" high compartments,
inset shelves, for easy removal of
fraction collector racks. Each shelf
holds three racks. Made of 3/16"
clear cast acrylic. Custom
configurations available. Call for

Model # Description Price
FC 3x4 4 shelves/holds 12 fraction collector racks $160.00
FC 3x3 3 shelves/holds 9 fraction collector racks $140.00
FC 3x2 2shelves/holds 6 fraction collector racks  $120.00 

Lock Boxes

  • 1/2" acrylic locking Beta Radiation container
  • 14"X7"X5" tall inside dimensions (Includes two resettable combination padlocks)
  • 6'X1/4" vinyl coated steel cable
  • Security screws prevent tampering with adjustable friction hinges and hasp



Model #: RC-2LK 14-7-5  -- $293.00

  • 1/2" acrylic locking beta radiation container
  • 11 x 8 x 4" tall insidedimensions
  • Available with 80º Celsius combination cam lock, or key cam lock.
  • In large orders key cam lock can be keyed differently or alike
  • Security screws prevent tampering with adjustable  friction hinge
  • Mount available for locking to freezer


Model #: RC-LK 12-9-5  -- $313.00



ML Tube Containers


Storage containers for Beta emitting isotopes.
Holds tubes in three configurations. Made of
1/2" cast acrylic with inset covers. Locking units

Model # Description Price
RC50ML T5 Holds Five 50ml tubes $119.00
RC14ML T12 Holds Twelve 14ml tubes $140.00
RC5ML T9 Holds Nine 5ml tubes $102.00



Microcentrifuge Tube Containers

Storage containers for Beta emitting
isotopes. Holds 1.5ml Microfuge tubes in five
configurations. Made of 1/2" cast acrylic with
inset covers. Locking units available.

Model # Description Price
RCMT 4 4 tubes $90.00
RCMT 12 12 tubes $120.00
RCMT 16 16 tubes $140.00
RCMT 32  32 tubes  $160.00
RCMT 64   64 tubes $190.00 


Vial Containers

Storage containers for P32. Holds shielded
vial containers. Fits N.E.N. ® and Amersham ®.
Made of 1/2" cast acrylic with inset covers.
Hole diameter 2.2"; Inside height dimension

Model # Description Price
RCV-4 4 vials $159.00
RCV-1 1 vial $109.00



Radiation Container constructed of 1/2"
acrylic. Houses fraction collection racks.
Hinge cover, with stops, holds cover at
vertical to act as shield. RCMCR80 holds a 80
place fraction collection rack or our

MCR 4040.

Model # Description Price
RCMCR80 10" x 3" x 2" tall $115.00
RC MCR 5-3/8" x 5-3/8" x 3" tall $130.00
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