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Single Adjustable Gel Unit

Vertical, single, adjustable upper reservoir, slab gel
unit designed to separate nucleic acids, or proteins.

Model #: VA 1443
Usable Gel Area: 14cm wide x adjustable 15cm to 43 cm tall.
Price: $893.00


•  14cm Wide: Usable Gel width 14cm. Uses all 14cm combs, spacers
and glass plates.
•  Adjustable Gel Area: Upper Reservoir easily adjusts with one hand.
Adjustable from 15cm to 43cm high.
•  Silicone Gasket around upper reservoir prevents buffer leakage
without grease, and provides a good background to view samples
while loading.
•  Plain Glass Plates: Silicone sponge block spacers eliminate need for
fragile notched plates.
•  Removable Reservoirs: Provides easy disposal of buffer.
•  Solid Construction: Upright support, reservoir backs and base
constructed of 3/8" cast acrylic. Reservoirs and rigid back braces
constructed of 1/4" cast acrylic.
•  Accessories Included: One set glass plates, clips, and leads
Combs and Spacers sold separately.

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